Sunday, November 8, 2009

Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker is the TV series adaptation of the Sword of Truth fantasy novel series.  When it premiered, it had an EXTREMELY cheesy pilot episode that had literally the most derivative plotline I have ever seen.  Seriously.
Despite its relative terribleness, the show had potential.  At the very least, it could be described as "a bunch of hot people fighting with swords."  Which is cool.
Since the entire first season was put up on Hulu last Summer (and no, it's not still there. =( ), I decided to watch more of the show.
At episode #8, something odd happened: the show got good.  Despite the fact that the plot revolved around leather-clad female dominatrixes (is that redundant?)—which should be the first indication that the show is cheap and pandering—the underlying themes of pain, loyalty, and self-sacrifice were surprisingly well-expressed.
From that point, the entire show kept a certain level of depth that was comforting.  Nothing too mind-blowing, but a little bit above average.  Definitely enough for my swordfight-loving mind to be satisfied.

Season 2's premiere just aired tonight.
At this point, I feel like I should get on my knees and thank God.
This show is seriously amazing.
This season is practically dripping with depth, has the best action seen yet, and appears to have production values that rival the most expensive shows on television.

Y'see, there was always a part of me that wanted to love Legend of the Seeker.  The main character, Richard Cypher, is pretty much the archetypal hero.  He's a young man whose home was burned down by evil forces, then discovered that he was the fabled hero who would defeat an evil dark lord and bring peace to the land. (see what I mean about the derivativeness?)  What I really like about Richard, though, is that he's got a good heart.  He can instinctively seek out the truth, and is driven by his compassion for others.  You don't see too many heroes like that on TV these days, so it's refreshing.  On top of that, his swordfighting style is exactly like mine (as I imagine it would be).
For those who don't know, I spend quite a bit of my free time choreographing swordfights in my head.  When I daydream, a sword is almost always involved.  When I listen to music, I often judge it by how well it would work as background music for a swordfight. (overly emotional alternative rock and metal work best)  And when I watch Richard fight, it's like I'm actually in the show, guiding his movements.  It's weird, but also really fun.

So yeah. I love this show now. :D

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  1. I would imagine that - in addition to having similar swordfighting techniques - you also see yourself in the main character's good heart, compassion and truth-seeking ways.