Friday, February 27, 2009

Watchmen - 1 Week Away

I cannot wait for Watchmen. I'm starved for a mature action/superhero film, and this seems like it'll be perfect. Its visual style is unique, fun, and fascinating. All the early reviews (from comic book fans like me, anyway) have been extremely positive.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that it's got an R rating. While the story really does need such a harsh rating in order to tell a story this realistic and deep, it's a little sad that I won't be able to talk about this film with any of the people who will object to the film's content.
Heck, I'm almost cringing at the thought of having to explain to those people why I'm going to enjoy the film regardless of the sexual content.
Then again, I wonder: am I wrong to enjoy the film for that reason? Is watching it the wrong decision?
I don't think it'll be quite that bad. After all, what sexual content was in the original book was there not for stimulation, but in a very matter-of-fact sort of way that was necessary for the development of the characters. Hopefully the film will stay the same.
Regardless, I can't wait for Friday the 6th, when I will finally be able to watch the Watchmen.

So this is my blog

I've had a few blogs over the past couple years. They've been rather specific in the past, focusing on a geek-related subject of some sort.

This is my first blog that I've made just for me to write whatever I want. The posts could be anything from geek-out moments to simple rants about life.

Here goes...