Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am a genius.

Let me explain.

So I have this computer desk. It's a tower corner desk. It looks something like this one below:

It doesn't look anywhere near as nice as that one, but it's the same basic design.  The main difference is that on my desk, there's another smaller shelf above the one you see the monitor sitting on in that picture.   It's supposed to hold the monitor up at eye level, but it only creates problems for me.  Here's why:

I got a new Macbook for Christmas last year.  I love it.
The problem is that it's longer than the distance between the end of the monitor shelf and the end of the main "desk" shelf.  So essentially, my desktop was too short for my Macbook to fit.  As anyone who's ever used a laptop will know, it's always easier to use a desk than your actual lap.

So today I had an idea.  "Why not just take the monitor shelf out entirely?!"
So that's what I did.

I now have enough room for both my Macbook and my PC monitor.  As an added bonus, I can now hook up my PC's sound system to my Macbook, and have awesome sound.  W00T!

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