Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am sick of certain girls being recognized as desirable.
I mean those girls with obviously-fake blonde hair, way too much eye makeup, skin that's so tan it's disturbing, and that "f*** off" look in their eyes (or on their lips, depending on whether or not you dare to make eye contact). Those girls who you always see talking on their cellphone, leaning sideways into that "I am so pissed right now" stance, and being upset about things that honestly don't matter (like their appointment for their obviously-unnatural hair).

Does anyone still think those girls are hot? Honestly?

I am sick of that always-present idea that girls have to be so skinny that it's unhealthy.
Ladies: there's a certain point at which you can actually become too skinny. It's not attractive.

I've walked around several college campuses in the past couple months, and noticed this at all of them.

Is the world at a point where every guy has to be an obnoxious jerk (who can't help but tell you how he got his piles of muscles through hours of daily weightlifting) and every girl has to be an obnoxious bleach-blonde zombie?



  1. You sir need to find yourself a country girl.

  2. I can't. Taylor Swift is taller than me. :(

  3. Amen! I'm nothing like that type, and so most of the time I feel like I'm labeled "ugly" or at least "not the type". And you're right about guys, too. The constant explanation of muslces is just plain irritating.

    Great post!