Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of the Undead

When zombies attack, will you be ready?

I know I will be.

For the past few months, I've been gathering information on the possibility of a Zombie attack.  Mainly, I've been reading a very intensive book on the subject:

This event has been proven to be a serious threat, as shown in films such as Dawn of the Dead and its spiritual successor, Shaun of the Dead.

However, there is another threat which could prove even worse:

The return of the dinosaurs.

As we have learned from Jurassic Park, these creatures cannot be tamed, nor can they be controlled.  They are vengeful, savage monsters who will hunt us down until they have exacted their revenge upon us, and WE are the extinct ones.

Undoubtedly at this moment you are very frightened of this danger, as am I.  However, the real threat is even greater than you realize.

What if these reptilian monstrosities were to become even more deadly, by way of some terrible chemical agent?  It is doubtless that the more creative minds among you have already reached my same conclusion:

Zombie Dinosaurs.

I apologize if I may have frightened you with the above image, but I felt that it was necessary to get the message across.  In truth, you should be frightened.

Imagine the endless horrors.  Dinosaurs that cannot be killed by traditional means, scouring the earth, slaughtering what humans they find and infecting those they cannot kill.  Due to the fact that they are not human, they might in fact be able to move quickly, unlike their human zombie counterparts.
The smaller saurians (such as Compsognathus) would act as quick, vicious disease carriers, infecting entire groups of humans with deadly precision and agility.
Others, such as the above pictured Velociraptor, would be hunter-killers, capable of both brute strength and lightning speed.
Finally, the worst of them all would be the the large dinosaurs.
With the Zombie virus infection, these dinosaurs would no longer bleed to death or be able to die by any means other than a killing blow to the brain.  This presents a major problem with large dinosaurs, as they have extremely small brains, and would be almost impossible to kill with traditional firearms.  In the case of many large dinosaurs, the brain is also protected by a large, thick skull.

How on earth would you fight these things?  The answer, sadly, is unknown at the present.  But we must continue to seek the answers, before we are too late.  I urge each and every one of you to spread the word.
Make a zombie survival plan.  Stock up on basic supplies.  Vote for political candidates who support anti-Zombie research.  The apocalypse is nigh, and we must be ready.

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  1. I will begin stocking up now.

    Great post :P :) I loved it.