Friday, August 21, 2009

In Hindsight

So 2007 was a very, very weird year for me. In only three months, I graduated from high school, became a legal adult, started going to college full-time, began working at my first real job, and moved to a new home. It was insanity.

Somehow, during all of that, my brain apparently stopped working. I recently went back through my archives of MySpace messages, phone IMs, etc.
Something must have been seriously wrong with my brain. I wrote some of the weirdest, over-emotional, smothering, desperate-sounding, awkwardly flirtatious things-I-never-would-have-imagined-I'd-say. I wrote things that I don't even think I honestly meant at times.

If I could erase the memories of everything I said that year from my friends' brains, that would be great.
In fact, if you guys wouldn't mind, follow along with me; I've written up a tutorial.

1: Click on My Brain.
2: Go under My Memories > 2007 > Aaron > Dialogue
3: Right-Click, then click on "Select All," then click "Delete."
4. Be sure to empty your recycle bin.

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