Friday, August 28, 2009

First week of College

I spent the past 2 years at Tarrant County College, but that wasn't a "real" college.  In nearly every possible way, it is nothing like a University.

This Fall, I transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington.


It's very "new." While other schools seem a bit run-down or old, UTA has taken great care of itself. It's clean, slick-looking, and has a bowling alley. I don't ever bowl; I just like knowing it's there. :)

I like to sit in the leather chairs on the top level of University Hall (the building where students go to "hang out."  As a matter of fact, that's where I'm typing from at this very moment.

It's nice and cozy.  The first time I went to go sit down here, all the couches and chairs were pulled together so that there was no opening.  I had to vault-jump over the couch on the left; it was pretty cool.
On the first day of class, I sat here during my 2-hour break between classes, innocently blogging about the injustices of Star Wars publishing, and three guys sat down in the same little seating-square.  One of them, noticing that I was browsing the net, asked me how to get his laptop online (because it is rather complicated), and I helped him out.  In response to my apparent friendliness, the other two guys started introducing themselves to me and bringing me into their conversation.  Of course, this is college, so there are really no standards or morals for conversation.  I really don't need to hear about all the different not-to-be-mentioned things that a guy and his girlfriend do with one another.
They seemed friendly at least, though if I never saw any of them again, I wouldn't be unhappy.

[side note: at the current moment, there's a guy sitting in one of the seats across from me that looks a bit like 1977-era Mark Hamill. It's kinda distracting.  I feel like I need to shake his hand and tell him how great he is.]

Two days later, whilst in the same chair (I love this spot), three girls (not the stereotypical shallow/hot/whatever college girls you see on TV) sat down right at my left.  I noticed that one of them was about 4 feet tall.
After sitting there for awhile and pretending not to listen to their conversation, I interjected with a comment about something they were discussing (the effect of drugs on essay-writing).  They were apparently impressed with something I said, as they kept talking to me.  I eventually learned that the short one was named Allison, and that she was an English major and hopeful novelist (she joked that we were "academic soulmates"), another of them (dark hair, blue eyes, about 5'7'') was named Courtney Cox (I kid you not!), and the last one (average height, red/brown hair, video gamer) was named Diana (I think).  They were nice.
Allison and Diana left for class after awhile, but Courtney stayed around for a bit. Eventually I realized that she was only hanging around so that I wouldn't be left alone; that was nice of her.  I think she feels a bit lonely: she lives on-campus, but her roommates apparently have other friends that are higher on their priority list than her.  We told each other that we'd be sure to hang out more when we next see each other.
I think I'll be her friend. :)
[side note: I really shouldn't be listening to the love theme from Attack of the Clones while I write this; I think it's giving this story a slight romantic edge that it doesn't have in reality.]

Oh, that reminds me.  I think my Star Wars fandom has reached a critical point.  Every time my teacher would mention an aspect of literature, I would immediately think "that's just like Star Wars! =D"
Now, if and when I ever did make a Star Wars reference in class, it was also a very good point. I did, however, get unofficially labeled "the Star Wars reference guy."
I'll have to find clever ways of not mentioning it directly.

I'm getting to go home early today because my afternoon class is only on Monday and Wednesday. :D
I'm gonna go home and play a--wait for it--Star Wars game.

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