Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Justice League Haikus

If you don't get these references, don't worry.  Just go with it.

Tonight I will write
haikus of the Justice League
Sit back and enjoy

Superman is great
He gives people lots of hope
Heat vision is cool

Batman is angry
because his parents got killed
He needs a big hug

Princess Diana
is known as Wonder Woman
Her clothes are shiny

Aquaman is cool
No, really, he's pretty cool
He rides squids and stuff

J'onn J'onzz is lonely
His family died on Mars
He has creepy eyes

Earth's first Green Lantern
Hal Jordan loves flying planes
without his ring on

Barry Allen died
but is back now as the Flash
Sorry, Wally West

Green Arrow shoots things
He shot a guy last April
People hate him now

Mistress of Magic
Zatanna wears a top hat
and sexy fishnets*

Dinah Lance breaks things
with her super-powered screams
Yay for more fishnets!

Elongated Man
is now a ghost with his wife
Ray Palmer is sad

The Red Tornado
is a robot with powers
He controls the wind

Firestorm is two guys
in a single person's head
That's gotta be weird

Hawkman is hairy
And he never wears a shirt
Female fanservice?

*I couldn't find any other important things to say about her that would fit in five syllables.

1 comment:

  1. "and sexy fishnets."

    Lolsssssss XD I have my laughter for the day.

    Those are cool! I like haikus. I didn't get all of them though, which is cool, 'cause now I have more things to watch for :D