Sunday, May 2, 2010


So... would you guys like me to make this blog a daily thing?  I'd mostly post random nothings from the day, but I'd probably also post a few more long/deep posts.  Comment!

When I was out earlier today, my Apple earbuds started acting up.  The left speaker was making static sounds when too much bass was going through it, and I could actually hear it thumping against the inside of the speaker housing.  So I slammed the left earbud backwards against my desk, in an attempt to shove the speaker back into the right spot.  It worked.  :)

Oh, and here's the Camaros that I've seen lately:

Yes, those stripes (and Chevy ribbon) are pink.


  1. I'd love daily updates :D I like hearing what's going on with you.

    My earbuds have been doing that too! I'll try your solution XD


  2. That is a heck of a fix... I'll try it myself next time :D