Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Many updates! / The Fallen

First off, I wanna apologize for not keeping up with Teen Justice updates. I kind of wrote myself into a corner a few chapters ago, and it took me a while to figure a way out. Hopefully I'll start posting more often from here on out.

Secondly, I'm starting a new blog! (I think it's my fifteenth of sixteenth. I've lost count.)
It's called DC Tales, and it's basically a place for all of my epic/poetic/nothing-to-do-with-TJ superhero-related short stories.  I'm still tweaking the template, so please ignore any weird formatting problems. =/

And now, for today's topic:

Evanescence was my favorite band when I was fourteen.

(Note: this is the time when you should scroll down to my playlist widget on the right and click "Bring Me To Life." Helps with the atmosphere.)

Their first album, Fallen, was the first album I'd heard where I actually liked practically every one of the songs.  It took alternative metal and gave it just the right electronic edge, with a masterfully-conducted orchestra behind it.  It was about as close to perfect as I knew at the time, and even today it remains the only album that I truly love.

Here's the thing: the band didn't stay together.  Amy Lee, the lead singer, wanted to go off in a totally different [annoyingly depressing and negative] direction, while Ben Moody, the co-songwriter/guitarist, wanted the band to continue with the same [awesome] sound.  So the band eventually eroded down to basically just Amy Lee, with a bunch of new people that no one cares about.

Meanwhile, Ben Moody has now put together a new band (consisting of most of the former Evanescence members) in order to continue the sound they started with Fallen.  They're called "We Are the Fallen."  Yeeeeaaaahh.....


They're pretty good.  They've only put one single out thus far, and their singer's not nearly as amazing as Amy Lee, but the basic instrumental sound is back, and I'm very very happy about that.

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  1. I'd heard of Evanescence, but never really listened to them. I really liked Bring Me To Life, so I checked out the other songs on the album...I bought it on iTunes last night XD Love it.