Sunday, May 24, 2009


My friends sometimes berate my dating life (or lack thereof).

But this is what I believe:
It would be wrong for me to date someone who I know is not the type of person I'll marry. I'd be giving away a little bit of my heart to someone that I know I'd just be leaving eventually. It wouldn't be fair to me, her, or God. I'm not saying that dating is wrong (definitely not!), but the world would have me think that I'm supposed to "play the field" or "get into relationships so that I can learn." That is wrong on so many levels; it's like Satan himself came up with it. Yeah, you're supposed to go and become romantically involved so that you can learn to be better romantically involved? No. God is the one who tells us how to act and how to relate to people. He'll set things up so that I'll meet the right girl (and maybe I already have!). If I want to learn how to love, all I need to do is turn back to 1 Corinthians 13.
In another ten years, when I'm married, I can look back at my life and say that I did it right; that I waited until the right moment, with the right person.
When my wife asks me "who was your first kiss?" I'll turn to her and say "You, my beloved."

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