Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is the way the year ends

So the last few weeks have been pretty interesting for me. Not interesting as in important, just a bunch of neat stuff that I'd like to go over in blog form this week. More detailed posts will come later, but for now I'll just summarize.

First of all, I went on Christmas vacation. Sort of. It was the week after Christmas. But it still counts, right? My mom and I drove up to Green Bay yet again to visit family. I'll do up a full post with images and details later.

While on said vacation, I discovered the American-made CG anime series RWBY (Pronounced "Ruby"). It's officially one of my favorite new shows.

Lastly, after combining the powers of several gift cards, I bought a Wii U console. It's pretty epic.

So yeah. More to come on all that later.

*Note: this blog post's title is not, in fact, a reference to T.S. Eliot, but rather the Halo 3 announcement trailer.

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  1. Funny story, I'm actually supposed to be reading "The Wasteland" right now.