Wednesday, September 23, 2009

English is fun! (or it SHOULD BE)

Hey Internet!

So one of my English teachers is slightly.... bitchy.
I don't mean that in a really bad way; I just mean that she's extremely strict about certain things that simultaneously do and do not make sense. I got my grade for my first English test today, and I got a 67. Seriously. An ENGLISH exam.
It took me about twenty seconds of looking over the test to realize that it wasn't my actual knowledge that was the problem; it was the fact that I seriously didn't know what she wanted out of my written answers. By my estimation, I should have gotten somewhere between 80 and 85 on that test. That's not super-great, but it's a far cry from a D+. Now, see, I've gotten bad grades on tests before. It's something that I deal with when it happens, and I never ever complain when it's actually because I messed up and didn't study. This instance, however, is me getting a bad grade not because I didn't know the material well enough, but because I didn't know how much information my teacher actually wanted. Every teacher has their own individual grading style--like a language--and until you learn that style (it takes only one test, usually), you very well may end up screwing up.
This is why most teachers drop one of the test grades; they know that at least one test will be a screw-up for completely legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, I really doubt that this teacher will do that. I'm thinking of talking with her next class about it. I might use the "even if you don't change *my* grade, at least consider dropping a test in your future classes." That way I can show that I'm not just out for myself in that argument. That's right; I am sneaky and oft-manipulative.

Oh, by the way, readers, DO NOT SKIP CLASSES. IT IS A BAD, BAD IDEA!!!!

Yeah, so I started skipping classes every now and then during the last few weeks (which is about 80% of the entire semester thus far), and now I'm really sunk. It's not horrible, but it's to the point where I have a couple classes that I can't/shouldn't show up to until I do the reading to actually catch up to the class. And considering that I have HORRIBLE study habits, that means that I am essentially locked out of my own classes until I change my ways and become a better person.
Yeeeeeahh....... I am never skipping classes like this again.

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  1. Lol, good advice! I'll definitely try not to do that when I get to college!

    Sorry about your English test. Teachers like that make me irritated, too.